Park Slope Demographics

Located just west of Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s Central Park, Park Slope is a quiet community filled with families. The neighborhood spans nearly 25-square blocks.It is bound by Downton Brooklyn to the north, Carroll Gardens and Gowanus to the west and South Slope and Sunset Park to the south. The area is also known for being a haven to artists and families.

The population of the neighborhood is just over 100,000 residents and continues to grow. The popularity of the neighborhood began increasing in the past 10 years, and many new apartments began going up. The nearby Whole Foods in Gowanus has also played a role in drawing new residents to the community.

Though most of the households in this neighborhood are non-family households, the neighborhood is known for being a mecca to families. Many families began moving to Park Slope from Manhattan in the mid-90s thanks to the area’s plentiful parks, brownstone townhomes and plentiful backyards.

The average income in the neighborhood is $126,000 annually. This might be directly linked to the fact that the majority of residents have some form of graduate degree. The second-largest educational demographic in the neighborhood includes residents that have a bachelor’s degree.

These two demographics make up more than 50 percent of the population. Comparatively, very few residents have associate’s degrees, and very few residents have no form of higher education.

Crime has steadily decreased in the neighborhood over the past two decades too. Once considered a relatively dangerous neighborhood, Park Slope now sees less crime than the rest of New York City. The most common form of crime in the neighborhood is robbery.

Many restaurants, cafes and coffee shops line the sidewalks of park slope. Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are the two major drags in the neighborhood. Locals can enjoy a five-star meal, an award-winning cup of coffee or a high-end cocktail all within a few blocks of each other. A local food co-op also caters to the community. Many celebrities have been known to live in the area too. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chloe Sevigny and John Turturro have all lived nearby.

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